Total Quality Management Services

Total Quality Management Services

In order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction and the belief in the importance of sustainability in the delivery of services and products to exceed the aspirations of the beneficiaries, the quality management has emerged as the most important means and ways to contribute to achieving these objectives. The awareness of the beneficiaries has become an essential factor in assessing the fundamental differences between the establishments providing the same services. Quality always improves and innovates in providing its services to the beneficiaries in accordance with their wishes and aspirations as well as the importance of the role played by quality management in reducing operational costs and maximizing profitability. Therefore, Smart Organization, through its experts accredited to many donors, has submitted the accreditation of quality management systems to the application of international standards, offering many services such as:

Consulting of various quality systems (ISO and EFQM)


Develop quality assurance document and standards for quality measurement


Preparing the final report to measure the quality of the performance gaps


Quality management systems


Qualifications to apply for quality awards


Development of sustainable strategy


Sustainability reports


Risk Management


Know the availability of the necessary capabilities to implement the project and marketing its production