Speeding up the organization’s smart business

About Speeding up the organization's smart business

Business Acceleration within the programs That the Smart Organization provides witch give companies and emerging enterprises guidance, and other forms of support that help sustainability and independence. Accelerated targeting of companies that have already passed the early stages of incorporation quickly builds a network of entrepreneurs and experienced individuals (2 to 4 months) focused on the less mature start-ups and building their business fundamentals before giving them the opportunity to present their ideas to investors. They focus on more mature start-ups (six months) This is accompanied by an intensive program through which a range of services are provided. These include: consultancy services, intensive training programs, follow-up, guidance and workshops, accompanied by continuous guidance to develop entrepreneurs’ innovations and transform them into existing projects. These projects are funded to help their growth and development in return for owning a stake in the project

The organization's rapid pace of activities is aimed at

  • Help companies develop their products / services.
  • Qualifying companies for ļ¬nancing and investment opportunities.
  • Accelerate the growth of companies.
  • Opportunities for networking with strategic / international partnerships.