Smart organization’s Business Incubator

About Smart organization’s Business Incubator

The economies of countries are based on development projects and innovative works that develop the state economy and achieve the well-being of the society. This highlights the importance of the business incubator, its support and establishment of the emerging projects and the incubation of ideas and innovations for a period of 3 to 9 months through the provision of some services such as , Consultancy and guidance, and providing common workspaces that provide the necessary environment for work and achievement, as well as providing administrative, marketing and financial services, and providing financial, technical and technical support to contribute to the development of projects and follow-up their progress

The Smart organization’s Business Incubator aims to

  • Motivate young people to be creative, to innovate and develop their competitiveness.
  • Incubate creative ideas and transform them into real and successful projects.
  • Support entrepreneurship and achieve youth's ambition to enter the business world.
  • Motivate young people to creat , innovate and develop their competitiveness.
  • Encourage development projects that contribute to the rise of the Saudi economy and meet the needs of society.
  • Contributing to reducing unemployment through job creation provided by small and medium enterprises.